Having a company that not only installs but also maintains is extremely important with hiring an irrigation company.  Lawn Boys has been in business for over 18 years and has installed hundreds of systems from large to small. Proper watering in essential to the over all appearance and health of plants and lawn.  There are several products on the market today that conserve water and save money on your water bill.  Lawn Boys can help you establish which products are necessary for your needs and help install them.
    Turn On
    At the beginning of the year your system will be turned on and checked for any problems. All sprinkler heads and other minor repairs will be made at this time.

    Mid Season check up
    Do to most irrigation systems being turned on in the spring time it is always hard to see small areas that may not be getting proper coverage.  That is why a mid season check up is essential to keeping your yard and plants green and healthy.

    Turn Off
    At the end of the growing season your system needs to be turned off. This includes blowing all of the lines out. A special air compressor is needed to do this task.