Plowing is something that lots of people do but only a few do right.  Lawn Boys runs several crews for all jobs from driveways to parking lots. We are fully insured!! We offer salt service!!

    We offer several options to accommodate the customer.  For example when you sign up to be a Lawn Boys customer you get to choose a time at which you wish to have your lot/driveway plowed by. All seasonal lots/driveways we will mark the lot at the start of winter and fix any lawn damage at the beginning of spring.  If you are an out of town customer and are only here on the weekends or want it to look like someone is living here in the winter.

    Lawn Boys offers a weekend only (fri, sat, sun morning) plowing service for you for a set price for the winter.  Also, if you only need your driveway plowed when you are coming up we can help you there as well.  With a simple email or phone call the message goes right to the owner or office manager at which time someone is dispatched to serve your property in a timely manner. Call Lawn Boy’s today at (269) 427-7924 or email at